dirty blonde

You can't draw a head until you see it whole. ..No use trying to draw a thing until you have got all around it. It is only then that you comprehend a unity of which the parts can be treated as parts.  -robert henri the art spirit

I live in the equivelent of a tourist destination. It is the playground of professionals and those who spend their waking time in little four sided cubicles.The key word is destination.  But in the last few years this has all changed. It started decades ago with a brewpub (That also for awhile became my dayjob) then another soon opened across the street. I think this last year only two opened.  Today Can be called the craft beer center of the world. A picture of the area would not be the snocapped peaks or lava flows, no not even theendless forests rather the entrace of the aroma of yeast, malted barley and hops in thickness. It is a land of taste  An elixer of postmodern ambrosia.

I spent an afternoon to bring you the current state of the art with a lunch at three creeks brewery.found in the quant little western town of Sisters oregon.

The rediscovery-of-the magic of the world under the debris of modem ideas.  -saul bellow

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