taco truck

It reminds me of one of those people on the streetcorner holding those signs: 'out of gas,' 'homeless,.' Vet,' 'anything helps', 'God bless;'  it looks like a homeless restauraunt from down south whose owner's only claim to fame is beef, cheese, and salsa wrapped in a a tortilla that wafts the truly authentic and fresh. There is something about the tickle on the nose of simmering pintos, wafts of garlic and that lingering appeal of corn and lime heating on the grill. They are everywhere, and you can't drive past one  without a sharp pain in the stomach flashing like a gas gauge demanding remedial attention. Stop!

I did a 'u'.  

The rediscovery-of-the magic of the world under the debris of modem ideas.  -saul bellow

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